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Suite 110
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Comprehensive Health Assessment

The fortunate person spends his or her time in good health. But as Louis Pasteur once remarked, “Fortune favors the prepared.” To be prepared for a life of good health, you must understand your current status, recognize potential health risks, and follow a plan to minimize those risks. You need to start with a Comprehensive Health Assessment.

The greatest threats to good health are heart trouble and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Simone is a cardiologist who will assess your heart and your cardiovascular risks, but he goes beyond the conventional approach to consider your overall medical condition, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. He will provide you with an assessment of your current status and recommend approaches to pursue your optimal health.

Q: What is included in The Comprehensive Health Assessment?

  • In-depth interview. Dr. Simone will conduct an unhurried interview to fully explore your past medical history, family history, social history, nutrition and exercise habits, and lifestyle.
  • Detailed physical examination. This goes far beyond the usual cursory exam. As a skilled cardiologist and experienced diagnostician, Dr. Simone will search for physical clues to the state of your health.
  • Office-based testing. Depending on your individual needs, some or all of the following may be performed:
    • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
    • Cardiac ultrasound
    • Exercise stress testing
    • Fitness testing
    • Vascular screening
    • Pulmonary function testing
    • Body composition analysis
  • Laboratory test review. Dr. Simone will review any recent lab tests available and will arrange for additional testing if your situation calls for it.
  • Assessment. Dr. Simone will assess your current medical condition, potential health risks, and evaluate your nutrition, fitness and exercise, and lifestyle.
  • Personalized health plan. After reviewing all of the current information, Dr. Simone will suggest steps you can take to optimize your health.

Comprehensive Health Assessment FAQ

  • Can I complete the Comprehensive Health Assessment in one visit?
    Yes, if all the laboratory test results are available. The visit will take approximately four hours. You can also choose to do your Assessment over two visits. If lab results are not available, it may be prudent to return for a face-to-face discussion of the completed assessment.
  • Will I receive a copy of the results?
    Yes. We can either mail your copy or if you prefer, you can meet with Dr. Simone to accept your copy in person and receive answers to any questions you have.
  • Is the Comprehensive Health Assessment the same as an “executive physical?”
    The Comprehensive Health Assessment is far more extensive. You will see a board certified cardiologist, Dr. Simone, who has been recognized as one of Atlanta’s Top Doctors. The office environment is warm and intimate, so we encourage you to disengage from your daily work demands and concentrate on yourself for those few hours. You will have the opportunity to schedule private consultations with our nutritionist and our personal trainer. Finally, you will have the opportunity to schedule a complimentary follow-up visit with Dr. Simone to review progress and make course corrections in your plan.
  • Who is your nutritionist? Does she provide additional services?
    Maria Rzeznik is a registered dietitian and board-certified nutritionist with her own private practice. She offers a wide range of programs tailored to personalized needs. If you would like to continue in one of Maria’s programs, you can engage her services and she will bill you directly.
  • Who is your personal trainer? Does she provide additional services?
    D’Nean Cerbone is a personal trainer, certified by the American Council on Exercise and by the Titleist Performance Institute. She has her own clients and trains them either in their homes or in a gym setting. If you would like to continue training with D’Nean, you can design a program with her and pay her directly.
  • What is the cost of the Comprehensive Health Assessment?
    The price is $1,750.
  • Does Personalized Cardiology accept private insurance or Medicare?
    No. Dr. Simone believes you work for the person who pays you. If you pay us directly, then we work directly for you. If an insurance company, Medicare, or a healthcare system pays us, then we work for them and must follow their rules and regulations, and meet their expectations. By not submitting claims and accepting insurance, your health information and personal information remains totally confidential and under your control. Direct payment of an annual fee for medical services frees you from the control of others and from bureaucratic decisions that may not be in your best interest.
  • What other services does Personalized Cardiology offer?
    We also offer the Optimal Health Program, a year-long personalized health plan that begins with a Comprehensive Health Assessment, followed by private consultations on the patient’s entire medical spectrum, including nutrition and exercise, and the creation of a personalized plan for optimal health. It costs $3,500 annually. Your payment for the Comprehensive Health Assessment would apply toward the Optimal Health Program if you should choose to do that Program.

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Our office is conveniently located near Wellstar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia.

There are two reserved parking spots in front of the office as well as handicapped parking available.

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709 Canton Road, NE, Suite 110
Marietta, Georgia 30060

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